And so, the journey begins

Here i may just write my current thoughts or what videogame i've currently played, who knows what i'll specifically write ★


Object in question: WOW sure a lot of time has passed

Hey!!!!!! I'm back after i-dont-know how many months have passed!!!! I still havent forgotten my site (and the stuff i still plan to do), its just that ive been spending my time drawing and playing a mix of touhou and pokèmon games (which was quite enjoyable too). I fear that in these months i may have forgotten how actually coding a website works, so i have to re-learn that all again haha (^^; But!!! Now ill be for real working on that Mokou shrine i have cited a while back ago...please bear wih me! 

P.S: Happy late Halloween also!!!


Object in question: It's time to get worked up

I'm back from the vacation! Everything was so nice, i did not expected the sea to be this beautiful! I enjoyed it a lot, a bit of a shame the restaurant's food kept serving bad recipes combinations.. But anyway! As i got back, it's time to build that Moko shrine! And i will do my best to make it beautiful for her


Object in question: Thinking about adding some other stuff..

I was thinking of adding a proper touhou (or just Mokou, because you know, i love her) themed-shrine, just to show my appreciation over them for these 3 small years i got into it. Though if i'll ever do it, i know that there's a lot of work to write in, it just goes from the time i met this community, to how i started playing the games (which nowadays i still do just for fun) and how in general it changed my life as a whole. But then again, i hope to stick in this community for a while, it's just so amazing to be a part of it!

P.S:This weekend i'll go to the beach, and i think i'll stay there for a while! I could care less about the sea, all my thoughts are centered about going to the resort's restaurant and eat a lot of delicious things, yum


Object in question: Main page finally DONE!!

Huh, that really took a while to make it haha, but im very happy of how it turned out, and how i was able to use my current (still basic) HTML knowledge onto this!!! It also shows how much i've improved in the span of 4 months!! (Looking at how my website was before, it looked kind of chaotic, like it was just a bunch of pics standing over nothing and such) 


Object in question: Played some Pokèmon White 2, and..

..I found a shiny Swadloon!! Originally, i was aiming for shiny Deerling, going all left and right, up and down for 1 day straight :') Honestly it was worth the endless tries though, but that doesn't stop me from trying to get that Deerling! Also, here are some pics, i named her Flora and after that i evolved her into a beautiful shiny Leavanny ★


Object in question: Gonna update the site a little bit

So, yeah, in some days i'll revamp the site's main page (after using someone's template as a placeholder until i get better at HTML) stay tuned!


Object in question: First Blog entry!! Yay!!

Today i was thinking of drawing something but then all i do is just procrastinating all over and thus not concluding anything hahah, but at least when holidays will start i hope to manage to pull off something...